Cataract surgery is performed with local drops under local anesthesia.

The laser we use in cataract surgery serves to prepare the lens to accommodate the intraocular lens. This lens also acts as a prevention technique, as it eliminates cataracts and even the possibility of their occurrence.

  • The intraocular lens is also recommended for myopia, astigmatism, farsightedness and presbyopia or tired vision.
  • The procedure takes about 10-15 minutes for each eye and the patient can return home soon.


Cataract is a visual impairment that occurs due to aging. It is one of the common eye diseases that reduces vision.

Cataract formation can develop with aging, as well as environmental factors can be a factor in cataract formation.

Cataract occurs when the lens in the eye loses its transparency due to aging and environmental factors, and the light cannot reach the retina and vision loss occurs. The patient can return to his normal life as he does not experience pain and pain after the surgery.

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