teeth-bleaching-whiteningTeeth Bleaching (whitening)

Let your smile shine with Teeth Whitening!

Our teeth are stained over time by what we eat and drink. Teeth whitening is very easy against yellowing caused by tea, coffee, smoking, sugar or other factors. Our patients who want to whiten their teeth are examined by our contracted specialists and the suitability and intensity of the procedure are determined. The current tooth color is determined. The patient and the dentist decide together how much whitening will be applied. How many shades of whitening will be done directly affects the treatment time. In this process, which lasts between 30 and 45 minutes, dental hygiene agents are applied to your teeth and under blue light, these substances clean and whiten the stains and yellows on your teeth.
In this absolutely painless procedure, the patient can read something, watch a movie or watch the unique sea view while the procedure is being performed.


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