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Your smile will leave a mark! Smiling is defined as the most impressive beauty of man. Teeth are the most basic building block of a smile. Increase the effect of your beauty with smile aesthetics.

Your treatment plan is completely personal. Your personal needs are determined. Your teeth may be shiny and white, but perhaps they may be irregular appearance because of their shape. These personal problems are determined and the treatment is planned individually. The smile design process takes an average of 5 full days.

Our popular smile aesthetic treatments;

  • Composite bonding to change shape and color during your dental makeup.
  • Dental implants to replace damaged and missing teeth.
  • Teeth whitening to help brighten your teeth.
  • Veneers (Emax Veneers, Zirconium Porcelain Veneers)
  • Another very common procedure for correcting smile imperfections is veneers. Veneers can be used to correct a wide variety of aesthetic problems.

Damaged teeth due to eating disorders, bad appearance due to smoking and broken teeth can be corrected by applying veneer. Our cosmetic dentist will improve the color of your smile. The gaps between the teeth or the crooked postures are aligned correctly with adult braces or invisible options. But your missing teeth or unhealthy teeth can cause problems with alignment and the effect of your smile. In this situation, our aesthetic dentist will recommend dental implants, bridges and partial dentures if the tooth has lost its salvage structure.

At the beginning of the treatment, your teeth will be measured and our dentist will create a preview.

A preview is basically an expected "after" photo created using various technologies at your dentist's disposal. Some of the technologies used in dental preview include:

  • Dental imaging software
  • Dental composite bonding mock-up
  • Dental working models
  • Before and after photos of other patients

Modern dental technology has come a long way in demonstrating the expected results of various aesthetic dental procedures. After all is said and done, it is very likely that your teeth will look like a model.


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