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Swallowable Gastric Balloons

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Gastric balloons are balloon-like objects that are placed into the stomach using various methods. The purpose of gastric balloons is to reduce stomach capacity by taking up space in the stomach and in that way to take less food. The goal is to lose weight by taking fewer calories. In addition to the volume effect the balloon creates, that is, the effect of eating less, the effect of touching the stomach wall causes a partial decrease in the level of the hunger hormone- ghrelin. Decreased hunger hormone level leads to less food and energy intake.

The most effective weight loss period with the balloons placed in the stomach is the first three months. In order to increase the effectiveness of the balloon procedure during and after this period, physical exercise, daily physical activity and following the dietary guidelines are required.

There are two application methods of gastric balloon procedure:

1- Balloons placed via endoscopy

2- Swallowable balloons

The swallowable balloon- the Elipse Allurion brand balloon, which is applied all over the world, is much simpler. A capsule containing the deflated balloon is swallowed by the patient while sitting, usually by drinking some water.

Once the balloon is confirmed to be at the proper place in the stomach via x-ray, it is filled with a special liquid through the catheter attached to the balloon. One of the most important advantages of the swallowable balloon is that it does not require endoscopy and anesthesia for its removal. The balloon removes itself after approximately 4-4.5 months and easily passes out naturally through the gastrointestinal tract.

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