dental-implantDental Implant

Antalya is in an important position for dental implant surgery. As Clinic Antalya team, we regularly treat our patients from all over the world. Our dentists use the world's leading brands. Our physicians are experts in their fields.

A dental implant is also known as “intraosseous implant”. A dental implant is a medical product that is surgically placed in the jawbone to support dental treatments. Since titanium implants are fused to our jawbone, they do not slip, do not make noise and do not cause bone damage.

Full veneers and partial veneers

Full veneers (may be called Crowns) completely cover the entire tooth. partial coatings (lamina) cover only discolored or damaged areas, depending on the current condition of the person's mouth.

Due to the long-term use and comfort of dental implants, it is the most logical option for dental treatment and missing teeth.

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