Eyelids / Eye Bag Surgery

The lower eyelid tightening procedure aims to recontour the tear trough area by repositioning fat and tightening the skin through a suturing technique to bring more balance from the eyelid to the upper cheek.

Swelling of the lower eyelid usually occurs as a result of deformation of the tissues around the eyes and herniation of the fat packs around the eyes under the influence of genetic predisposition and gravity. In oculoplastic surgery, if the patient's facial structure is suitable, we can enter from the outside of the eyelid and intervene without making a significant incision. Since the procedure is performed under operating room conditions and with local anesthesia, the patient can be discharged on the same day. After about a week and 10 days, the placed aesthetic sutures are removed. Since there is no pain, it does not affect the quality of life. Small bruises and swellings heal within 5-7 days after the operation and the patient can return to his social life without feeling heavy pain and without affecting his quality of life. Thus, as a result of a small intervention, you can easily get rid of lower eyelid swelling complaints.

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